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  1. Steve & Jennifer Kashian $75.00
  2. Dottie and Lou Gennaro $50.00
  3. Peter & Elizabeth Wareing $100.00
  4. Susan and Tom Young Brrr....too cold for me! It is a nice thing that you are doing. $50.00
  5. Tom & Anne Weinstock Go Team Campanella Bells $50.00
  7. Robert & Adriana O'Sullivan We will be in Florida and and take a plunge there. Wishing you well. The O'Sullivans $50.00
  8. Dennis & Trish Plunge Away! Sorry, we wont' be there to enjoy the festivities. $25.00
  9. Robin O'Sullivan Kudos to the plungers, Chris & Isabella! $10.00
  10. Christopher Campanella $50.00
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