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  1. Harrison's Photo

    Harrison Freeland

    $2,220 raised $1,500 goal
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    Erin Sweeney

    $1,235 raised $1,000 goal
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  3. Sara's Photo

    Sara Daley

    $1,020 raised $1,000 goal
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  4. Mike's Photo

    Mike Wagner

    $750 raised $750 goal
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  5. John's Photo

    John Worley

    $565 raised $75 goal
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  6. Ryan's Photo

    Ryan Lakin

    $470 raised $100 goal
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  7. Michelle's Photo

    Michelle Schoch

    $365 raised $250 goal
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  8. Elizabeth's Photo

    Elizabeth Hassett

    $355 raised $75 goal
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  9. Ali's Photo

    Ali Stevenson

    $350 raised $100 goal
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  10. Kevin's Photo

    Kevin Skrabacz

    $290 raised $100 goal
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  1. The Murray Family I am sure it was a "COOL" experience and for a good cause! $25.00
  2. Hanson Family Sorry it's late but I hope you enjoyed your plunge! $25.00
  3. Rob & Laurie McGowan $50.00
  4. Cindy Larson Were you a polar bear for LVC a few years ago? You are courageous $15.00
  5. Bud Worley Trust you will enjoy your refreshing little dip! $50.00
  6. The Compton Family Competition Temperature wasn't cold enough for you, eh? $10.00
  7. Ellen Theesfeld $20.00
  8. IWU SAAC $100.00
  9. Fred Hoyt $25.00
  10. Anonymous $25.00
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