Westchester group that rode in 2013 Ride

Ramah Bike Ride 2015

Thanks for visiting our team fundraising page. We've joined together to raise money for NATIONAL RAMAH COMMISSION.

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  1. Steve McLean $50.00
  2. Michelle Tinkoff In honor of Louis Kellner $18.00
  3. Elizabeth Lichtenstein $10.00
  4. Randy Janis $18.00
  5. Liz and David Landau $100.00
  6. Wendy Hersh Have a great ride, be safe $60.00
  7. Judy and David Gilberg $100.00
  8. marvin chinitz Go chai rollers! $100.00
  9. Alison Bender Kellner In honor of my entire extended, incredible family. $184.00
  10. Miriam Aronovsky Berk In memory of Louis Kellner, z'l $36.00
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