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We've Got Your Back, Babe Fitness Challenge 2014

About 2 Million Moms each year fall prey to the Booby Traps and don't reach their personal breastfeeding goals, whatever those are. This is your chance to make a difference and help moms navigate those barriers! Join us as we build a national cause to end the unnecessary suffering of mothers and babies who are being undermined in their breastfeeding goals! 

Join the Virtual Team and you can create your own fitness challenge!  You can run a 5K around your neighborhood or swim 100 laps at your local pool!  Each virtual team member will choose a fun fitness goal –a run/walk, bike ride, swim, stroller-thon, yoga-thon, golf-thon — or even simply a personal challenge that does not involve attending an organized event, i.e., walk 5 miles by summer’s end!   Whatever your goal, we want you to get it, and feel good about it,  the same way we feel about breastfeeding!
Set a goal and join our Virtual Team!

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  1. Kenneth & Susan McAlister $100.00
  2. Heather Underwood $10.00
  3. Anonymous $20.00
  4. Anonymous $180.00
  5. Rhonda This is a perfect example at how beautiful you are inside and out! What a awesome fundraiser to help others out! I am so proud of you! $50.00
  6. Shawn Crosby $10.00
  7. Mom and Dad Gray Helping you so you can help others to learn how to breastfeed their babies. $50.00
  8. Shannon Brooks Starting us off...more to come!! $5.00
  9. Amber Smith $40.00
  10. Charly Miller Every mother deserves to know the benefits. $25.00
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