Thanks for visiting our team fundraising page. We've joined together to raise money for ARCHDIOCESE OF GALVESTON-HOUSTON.

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  1. Ashley's Photo

    Ashley White

    $1,000 raised $1,000 goal
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  2. Camille's Photo

    Camille Broughton

    $865 raised $300 goal
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  3. Camille's Photo

    Camille Cash

    $500 raised
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  4. Lisa's Photo

    Lisa Campbell

    $400 raised $750 goal
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  5. Felisia Laila's Photo

    Felisia Laila Profit

    $300 raised $150 goal
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  6. Jaila's Photo

    Jaila Porter

    $275 raised $500 goal
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  7. Sheryl J.'s Photo

    Sheryl J. Bookman

    $260 raised $150 goal
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  8. Freda's Photo

    Freda Lee

    $250 raised $250 goal
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  9. Kortni and Ryan's Photo

    Kortni and Ryan Johnson

    $200 raised $500 goal
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  10. Tosha's Photo

    Tosha Hypolite

    $160 raised $100 goal
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  1. Uncle Reginald & Aunt Earline Dunahm We are so very proud of you. Continue to make a difference in the lives of others. Bless you Niecey. Your California Family $20.00
  2. Bee Curry $25.00
  3. Melissa Scott $100.00
  4. Contribution from Selene Co workers $20.00
  5. Justin Jefferson $25.00
  6. Celesta Lampkins $25.00
  7. Eddie and Lorraine Williams $50.00
  8. Nicole, Alvin & Camille Jones So happy to support you Bryce!!! Wishing you all the best! $25.00
  9. Meagan Chang Keep up the great work, Bryce! $20.00
  10. Anonymous $40.00
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