Thanks for visiting our team fundraising page. We've joined together to raise money for SPECIAL OLYMPICS VERMONT.

Donating through FirstGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the nonprofit. That means more money goes to the organization, faster, with FirstGiving.

Many thanks for your support – and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate or join!
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  1. Peter's Photo

    Peter Booth

    $2,541 raised $2,500 goal
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  2. Noah's Photo

    Noah Kiernan

    $2,036 raised $2,000 goal
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  3. Bennett's Photo

    Bennett Townley

    $1,500 raised
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  4. Natalie's Photo

    Natalie Meyer

    $1,235 raised $500 goal
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  5. Stan's Photo

    Stan Williams

    $1,230 raised $1,000 goal
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  6. Pam's Photo

    Pam Gover

    $1,112 raised $1,500 goal
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  7. Leo's Photo

    Leo Laforce

    $865 raised $1,000 goal
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  8. Mason's Photo

    Mason Cohn

    $855 raised $150 goal
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  9. Rahn's Photo

    Rahn Fleming

    $855 raised $500 goal
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  10. Patrick's Photo

    Patrick McCue

    $620 raised
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  1. Julie Christopher que guay primo - hazlo con cajones! $25.00
  2. Dawn, Darren & Zoe We are so proud that you are keeping this tradition going! Thanks for taking the plunge to help our community. XO $25.00
  3. The Anderson Family, Garland, Texas Great Job Wyatt! $25.00
  4. Casey Kiernan $50.00
  5. Marie Luhr Nice going, Sage! $20.00
  6. Aunt Marty and Uncle Bob $50.00
  7. The Sutters brrrrrrrr $25.00
  8. Anonymous Pam-you are crazy! $10.00
  9. Grammy and Papa Raymond Sorry I'm late sending this. Hope you had a freezing good time!!!! $25.00
  10. Kathy, Dan, & Emily Luce Glad to support you and this worthy cause! xo $50.00
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