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22nd Annual Walk-Along for Lupus

Prestige NY is a premier provider of promotional events, full service marketing solutions, and lead generation services within the technology, community and automotive care sectors. We at Prestige NY, want to be not only a leader in the marketing industry, we want to be a leader in giving back and helping the community.
We chose to work with the Lupus Alliance and participate in this walk with hopes of raising lots of funds to support the people of the Long Island and Queens community that suffer with this chronic disease called lupus. Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack the healthy cells and tissues in your body. Some common symptoms of lupus are joint swelling and muscle pain, hair loss, and extreme fatigue.  Some living with the disease day it's like having a 24/7 flu.  A lot of people aren't as aware of the disease because most people with lupus suffer on the inside, yet appear to be healthy on the outside. It, however, is a disease that impacts over 1.5 millions people, 90% of those being female. We at Prestige NY want to help raise awareness for the Lupus Alliance and get help for all the members of this community. Lupus has no cure, and unfortunately in some situations can be fatal. We are walking to raise money to help fund research, provide more support groups, and help get treatment for those diagnosed. Please join in helping support lupus with Prestige NY by either joining our corporate team and walking with us or by simply leaving a donation on one of our team members' pages. We greatly appreciate your help! 
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