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Polar Plunge 2017 - West Lafayette

Thank you very much to all the thoughtful plungers who donated their moneys to our County. Bowling might be free this year because of you. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the giving and volunteering you do. We want to make it so ever sport is free. By helping us you are doing just that. The athlete's thank you.

Thank's to everyone that made this event the greatest one yet. 

PlungersShawn Rector, Jennifer Hoover, Cole Martin, Makara Martin, Sierra Martin, 
Jeff Neff, Jason Plante, Tiffanie Davis, Scott Stephen, Jamie Barnes, Jessica McBratney, 
Brad Neff, Ken Bol, Clint Dean, Michelle Strong, 
Kenzie Kuelder, PLUS more to sign-up!

Virtual Plungers
Peggy Hoover, Patty Muthig, Mary Perosky, Michael Stoup, Amanda Bol, Ashley Ellrich
Dana McBratney, County Coordinator:
PHONE: 765-838-8988 
E-mail: sointippe@gmail.com

Jeff Martin, Asst. County Coordinator:
PHONE: 765-714-8557

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