Every year for Marissa's Step UP for Ds Walk page, we're given the opportunity to reflect!  And every year, there's something...something unique that gives me that "ah ha" moment, where I know what the story will be!  As Marissa wraps up her middle school career, (yes, I said WRAPS UP) I can honestly say she's given me many "ah ha" moments!  Here are a few things she's accomplished in her 3 short middle school years!   
1.  She's made new friends! 
2.  She's received academic awards! 
3.  She's (THANKFULLY) learned to carry a tune when singing! 
4.  She's navigated the hallways, and 7 class periods per day, with 800 kids and adults...most are taller than her! 
5.  She's run miles at a time with her typical PE class! 
6.  She's maintained a locker, all on her own!
7.  She's been almost perfect with knowing each day after school whether she rides the bus home or gets picked up!  (It quite often varies.) 
8.  She texts her Mom when she gets on the bus, so we know she made it! 
9.  She always gives her Mom a hug--even in front of her friends, when Mom's at school to help with fundraising! 
10.  She's worked hard enough to earn the respect of all of her teachers!    

Oh, and our little ballerina continues to pursue ballet dance and her modeling career on the side.  Bring it on High School!  This kid is ready!  (And hoping that her parents will be ready by Back to School, too!)    Thank you for taking a minute to read our annual update!  We would be honored if you would Walk with us on September 23rd or donate to Marissa's page!
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