Armsby Abbey has once again chosen to take part in the 19th Annual UMass Medicine Cancer Walk & Run to help fundraise and support the ongoing research and clinical trials program at the UMass Medicine Cancer Center here in Worcester, MA.

Cancer is a disease that has permeated the lives of us all. For those of us at Armsby Abbey, our family, clientele & loved ones have been affected by breast, skin, lung, colon, esophageal, testicular, blood, brain, pancreatic, cervical and uterine cancers. Some are in remission, some are still fighting and some we have lost. For those who have won their battle, we will walk. For those who continue to fight, we will walk. For those who have lost their battle, we will walk; for those who will one day fight, we will walk.

There is great power in numbers and we think Armsby Abbey has the ability to reach a lot of people to help raise funds for UMass Medicine's Cancer Center within our community.
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    Sherri Sadowski

    $5,458 raised $1,000 goal
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    Marlena Springstubb

    $1,020 raised $500 goal
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    Valerie Ostrander

    $710 raised $675 goal
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    Nate Rossi

    $585 raised $100 goal
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    Ian McGinnes

    $510 raised $500 goal
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    Ryan Nielsen

    $310 raised $300 goal
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    Hannah Kozlowski

    $245 raised $500 goal
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    Sarah DeVardo

    $195 raised $500 goal
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    Alec Lopez

    $135 raised $500 goal
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    Kayla Baron

    $110 raised $100 goal
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  1. Vorobik-Yakobson $25.00
  2. LuLaRoe Hannah Kozlowski September Fundraiser $150.00
  3. Michael Mahler $25.00
  4. Linda and David $60.00 *
  5. Zwanze Day Guests! Thank you to all our guests at Armsby Abbey's Zwanze 2017 for their generous donations! $160.00 *
  6. Lisa Andrianopoulos Thanks for this opportunity to contribute! $50.00
  7. Colleen Daly $25.00
  8. Customers of Armsby Abbey Thank you to all our amazing customers for their tableside donations this month! You're the best!!! $361.00 *
  9. Fulgere Salon Go team! Happy to sponsor one of my favorite restaurants! $100.00 *
  10. Speranza Cocktail Donation Thank you to our customers at Armsby Abbey who ordered our Cancer Walk cocktail "Speranza"! Without you, this donation would not be possible! Cheers! $533.00 *
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