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  1. Helen's Photo

    Helen Mumford Sole

    $5,000 raised $10,000 goal
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  2. Ingrid's Photo

    Ingrid Winn

    $3,131 raised
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  3. Sally's Photo

    Sally Young

    $2,500 raised $2,500 goal
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  4. Karen's Photo

    Karen Davey-Winter

    $2,160 raised $2,000 goal
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  5. Vivien's Photo

    Vivien Linehan

    $1,455 raised
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  6. Sophie's Photo

    Sophie de Bellissen

    $1,351 raised
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  7. Katherine's Photo

    Katherine Penna

    $1,255 raised
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  8. Esther's Photo

    Esther Brogden

    $1,165 raised $2,500 goal
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  9. Rachel's Photo

    Rachel Dale

    $1,071 raised
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  10. Jane's Photo

    Jane Hepsworth

    $935 raised
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  1. Niklaus Meyer Peter and Helen, we applaud your efforts $100.00
  2. Peter & Kate Graham Well done. $40.00
  3. Susan Kinnaird Helen and Peter well done! $100.00
  4. Rhiannon and Nick, your friend and co-worker! I'm glad we met.... $100.00
  5. Michael Leckie $100.00
  6. Emmanuelle and Simon Shaw $25.00
  7. Helen Galliano Fantastic,you must feel so proud.I do miss my Beyond Bread buddy though!!! $200.00
  8. The Porter Family Hope you put the vaseline in all the right places! Well done Susan. xxx $50.00
  9. Eileen Deschapelles Congratulations Esther! You're my idol!!!! $50.00
  10. Anonymous So impressed! Well done. And Merlin a great organisation to be supporting $50.00
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