Sponsor-A-Teacher in Haiti

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sponsoring a teacher is the most powerful way you can join us in the fight against poverty, to improve literacy, and promote education for all in Haiti.

How does sponsorship help teachers? Your sponsorship gifts will equip a teacher and her/his community with access to important basics such as nutritious food, housing, healthcare, continuing education, economic development, and more. Sponsorship also helps Haitian teachers improve their teaching skills through ongoing training and support so they can continue to earn an income, provide for their families, teach full time, and mentor children in their communities.

How does teacher sponsorship work? Sponsorship brings change to more than just one teacher—it strengthens an entire school and community as well. By pooling your sponsorship gifts with donations from other sponsors, such as family, coworkers, small group, church, team, school, class, etc. the benefits you help provide extend to each teacher's family, school, community, and children in need of education. That's because HavServe volunteers plan and work alongside local community leaders over the long term to address critical needs and help build healthy communities for children in impoverished places.

Will I get to know my sponsored teacher? You'll be given the chance to personally connect with your sponsored teacher and build a relationship that could change both of your lives. There are many ways to get to know and encourage your teacher to teach and promote education for all in Haiti—through letters, emails, cards, packages, books, and more. “I know my sponsor,” says a 3rd grade sponsored teacher from the village of Lebrun, Haiti. “She writes me letters and spent two weeks with us as a volunteer during the teacher training program in 2012. I love her very much. Ms. Djeanane sponsors me because she wants me to keep on teaching and make sure all the children in the community have the chance to go to school. It's good to be sponsored.”

What do I receive when I sponsor a teacher? Your financial gift makes a tangible, lasting difference. Every teacher sponsor receives:

  • A welcome letter in the mail with a photo and information about your sponsored teacher.
  • The opportunity to write and receive letters and emails, and send teaching materials. You may even arrange to visit your teacher or the school to learn more about his or her work.
  • Annual progress reports with updated photos of your teacher and updates on the progress being made in the classroom and community.
  • A newsletter of community accomplishments each year.

To get started, click on "Fundraise" to become a sponsor or mail sponsorship check to: P.O. Box 4173, Silver Spring, MD 20914. Memo: Sponsor-A-Teacher in Haiti.

Thank you for joining me in the fight against illiteracy in Haiti,

Kristin Derry,

HavServe Education Program Coordinator