Theatre YOU, Inc., was incorporated on June 4th, 2007, as a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Through our plays, we serve 1200 children and 2400 adults annually. We also educate children in the art of theater through weekly teaching programs which provide theater experience and face to face communication, allowing students the opportunity to be exposed to and participate in live theater performance.



Run by volunteer enthusiasts to promote culture and leisure time activities for families, our goal is to introduce the Bay Area, CA audience to the rich tradition of the Russian theater as well as to preserve those traditions for the local Russian community.  By providing quality entertainment, we build a bridge between cultures, uniting our diverse community by provoking discussions about timeless issues such as love, family, relationships, parenting, etc.  As part of this goal, we would like to expand our audience by extending our show to the non-Russian speaking population. This would  enhance the entertainment experience by introducing a theatrical alternative to the entire community -- thought-provoking shows based on Russian-rich history and tradition to a multicultural audience.  We want to produce plays that will challenge the audience, as well as delight and move them. We believe, especially in today’s technology-heavy society, that it is increasingly important to educate the young audience in culture and interactive cultural traditions, encouraging and stimulating the imagination instead of soaking up entertainment from a small screen which requires no thought or mental engagement.

Theater is our passion.  It is our dream to express art and culture for the people who enjoy it. We want to continue to make it happen, especially now, in a world where traditional culture and appreciation of the arts is being superceded by money- making decisions.  We wish to enhance our visibility, expand to new prospects and show our art to everyone!


Until now, we have supported the theater through volunteer donations and the profit from ticket sales, but as our rent has increased several times over the past few years, and will increase significantly again next year, this funding is no longer sufficient.  Besides increased rent, the building is in need of general renovation:  theater seats need to be replaced, antiquated lighting and audio systems need updating, decorations need to refurbished, etc.  We want to purchase supertitle equipment to provide simultaneous translations of the shows for a wider, more diversified audience.  All of these expenses are beyond our current level of income, but will make our theater a more viable cultural institution and will increase, in the long run, our ability to be self-sufficient.


Every donation counts! We would be truly thankful for your donation! Your name would be displayed on our desk of honor to show our greatest gratitude for your donation!  Your name and company logo, if applicable, will be placed on our facebook page, with over 2000 followers.  Sponsors will be advertised on our Theater YOU website.  And, of course, as a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for all your support, and for any donations you are able to give towards keeping Theater YOU as a stable, useful part of the Bay Area cultural community.

Best wishes,
Theater You, your theater