A Dog Walk in The Park 2012 - Peace, Love, and Pups

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Participating in the Dog Walk in the Park is EASY!

First, decide HOW you want to participate.

You have three options.

1. Register for free and create a fundraising page right here! As long as you raise at least $25 in contributions by the day of the walk, you'll get your T-shirt, goodie bag and walk participation at no cost! (If you don't end up raising at least $25, you can just pay it yourself) This is the most popular option, since raising money for The Bella Foundation animals is the purpose of this event (and the competition is fierce for the top prizes!).

2. Register as a walker for $25. You get your T-shirt, goodie bag and walk participation. If you choose to raise money over the $25, that's fantastic! But you're under no obligation to do so.

3. If you live out of the Oklahoma City area, you can still participate as a "Virtual Walker" for $10! No shirt or goodie bag, but you can still support the animals!

Are you ready?

Here's what happens next!  Click on "Join Now" on this page.

Follow the instructions to join an existing team or create one of your own. (if you want to just walk by yourself, or you don't want to create a team, that's fine!)

When you're done, you'll get some handy links for you to start promoting your page right away. YOU want to be the winner, so start telling your friends about what you're doing. Just think about it...if every one of your Facebook friends, coworkers, family members and other people in your life donated just a few dollars to your efforts, before long you'd have thousands of dollars for the animals!

When you ask people to donate, explain what it means to YOU personally. Did you adopt a pet? Were you helped by an animal welfare organization? Why is your pet special? Most people support animal welfare agencies because they love their own pets. Encourage people to give in honor of a pet in their life. Even if your friends don't know about The Bella Foundation yet, they'll give because they care about YOU, and this is important to you! So don't be afraid to ask. Your friends want to support you in what you do!

The most important thing to do is ASK people, OFTEN, to support you on your page! So share that link! Visit our fundraising ideas page for ways you can raise money!

We're here to help if you need us. Just email info@thebellafoundation.org if you have any problems or questions. Good luck and THANK YOU!