Into the Woods Tunefoolery Retreat 2017


Into the Woods 2017 - Tunefoolery Annual Retreat

     We heal and we thrive in togetherness. And we heal and thrive in creativity, in music.

     So much of mental health treatment is focused on the individual, though. And even though individual therapy and medication are essential for most people’s healing, it’s often not enough. This is why Tunefoolery, for 23 years, has been committed to be a supportive and loving community. We know the importance of togetherness. Our 60 musicians, all in mental health recovery, set goals and govern our organization together with our board of directors. This creates an environment of ownership, pride, and empowerment. And a place to thrive!


    Nowhere is the power of Tunefoolery’s togetherness played out more than at our yearly summer retreat. This year, we have found a fantastic farm in Rochester, VT, Food Medicine Farm, where we can swim, hike, eat healthy, and spend four days immersed in creativity and music-making at workshops, lessons and music jams. The retreat, which is planned for July 25-28, feeds the souls of our musicians and allows us to go deeper into the creativity process and creates deeper relationships with each other.                                                                


   Can you help us fund the retreat this year?

   This is how your money would be spent:

   $500 pays for one musician for the whole retreat

   $300 pays for a dinner for all retreaters

   $150 pays for music workshop

   $100 pays for a jam circle

   $50 pays for three healthy meals for one musician for a day

   $25 pays for an individual Goals coaching session