The Capacity for Dignity - Shopping Carts Fund


Unlike a traditional pantry, income-qualified members of UP Orlando's Member Share Grocery Program grab a cart and walk up and down aisles where products are organized on the shelves. Because members are able to fill their cart with food and household items they personally select, no family is embarassed to participate in this program.


In recent weeks, however, our inventory of shopping carts has drastically decreased. With just 29 carts in operation, members oftentimes have to wait for another family to unload groceries into their vehicle before securing a cart to use. With more than 500 families relying on the Grocery Program each day, it's been especially difficult for parents with children to get the items they need without a cart available.


Imagine for a moment that, during your regular trip to your local grocery store, you walked in and saw that there were no carts. You quickly skim the parking lot and entrance area, but still don't see one. What would you do? Perhaps go elsewhere? But what if that particular location was the only place you could afford to get what you needed? Having a shopping cart available for you to use may seem like a simple pleasure, but it's an essential part of a dignified shopping experience.


Please help our families feel empowered during their next trip to UP Orlando by making a donation of any amount. Your gift will be used specifically to purchase shopping carts, helping to restore our inventory to a complete set of 90.


With added security features that prohibit the new carts from leaving our campus, you can rest assured your investment will provide a dignified shopping experience for years to come.