We ARE United Against Poverty.

Help Us Change Our Parking and Impact More Families

For nine hours each day our parking lot is filled with constant hustle and bustle. Serving more than 521 individuals each day comes with its challenges. We have just 90 spaces, and there is never enough parking. Too often I witness a hardworking parent come by on their lunch hour in hopes of getting the food and household items they need, only to circle around unsuccessfully and leave because they don’t have time to waste. I’ve seen seniors trying to make the most of their limited incomes wait more than 30 minutes for a spot to open up. As a place where dignity is the most important product we offer, our current parking situation is simply unacceptable. As we continue to grow and serve the increasing need, I turn to you to ask for your support. This holiday season, please consider making a year-end charitable contribution to United Against Poverty to help us acquire more parking and better serve the community. Each space in our new parking lot will serve an average of 13 families per day, with each visit saving our members an average of $27. 

  • An investment of $2,700 will sponsor one parking space, equivalent to an annual community benefit of $125,000 – a 46:1 return!
  • An investment of $225 will sponsor a single space for a month, returning $10,530 in community benefit over the course of 30 days


Your generosity is a remarkable testimony of what we as a community can accomplish together!

-Eric Gray Executive Director

P.S. Thanks to many generous hearts, we are just $400,000 away from our $1,625,000 goal in securing an additional 144 parking spaces!